Spearfish SD

 I love my job – if you can actually call it a job…

I was recently called in to shoot some top secret 2014 bikes for Salsa Cycles that were sporting a brand new rear suspension designed by the one and only Dave Weagle of dw-link fame. One thing I love about making documentaries and shooting for amazing companies is I get to meet people I normally would have never crossed paths with otherwise. This trip was centered around Spearfish South Dakota and I now realize why Salsa gave naming rights for their XC full-suspension bike to this location. The Black Hills area is simply amazing and is quickly becoming quite the MTB destination. Don’t believe me – go there and see for yourself.

So who did I meet in Spearfish? Well, Dave Weagle as already mentioned. I honestly never gave much thought to rear suspension design but when you hang out with this guy for a few days you get a big dose of respect for it. Plus, Dave shreds! When you add mechanical engineer Peter Koski into this mix it gets a bit academic. Peter is the designer at Salsa who birthed the Spearfish and Horsethief bikes. Listening and filming these two talk bike frame and rear suspension engineering had me understanding about half the words coming out of their mouths. I also met South Dakota path-finder and race promoter Perry Jewett. Perry knows this area like the back of his hand and is one of the friendliest guys you’ll ever meet. Check out Perry’s races: Dakota Five-0 & Gold Rush Gravel Grinder.

As I mentioned, this was a top secret mission as Salsa was holding all announcements of the new bikes till June 18th and now the cat is out of the bag. I dont get “bike envy” that often but I have to say I was ogling the Spearfish XX1 in killer blue pretty hard. Check out Salsa’s official announcement HERE & a nice write up from Mountainflyer Mag HERE.

Thanks to Mike “kid” Riemer and the entire Salsa crew for not only making kick-ass bikes but allowing me to hang with some amazing people and have a great time discovering the Black Hills of SD. Adventure by Bike indeed!

Reminder to self — Watch for Poison Ivy when climbing around the forest getting the good shots…